At Francis Hanna & Co Solicitors, we can advise organisations with regulatory responsibilities on all relevant aspects of regulatory & professional disciplinary law and practice.

We have specialist experience in advising regulators and individual professionals across a range of industry sectors, including law, social care and medical and health professions.

We can provide organisations with a comprehensive package of services, tailored according to the individual organisation’s requirements, in the following areas:

  • advice on the exercise of regulatory functions and on policy issues
  • all areas pertaining to the statutory or non-statutory disciplinary schemes
  • acting as legal advisers to regulatory panels
  • registration and retention issues
  • investigation of disciplinary complaints, whether single or large volume caseloads
  • preparation of cases for fitness to practice/disciplinary proceedings, whether related to interim orders, case management/preliminary issues, substantive conduct, competence, health or criminal conviction matters, substantive order review hearings and restoration applications
  • case presentation/advocacy in all of the above areas
  • acting in appeals against decisions of regulatory panels, whether under internal processes or via statutory appeals to the High Court or Court of Appeal or appeals direct to the Lord Chief Justice
  • training programmes, individually-designed for regulatory panelists; externally appointed legal advisers; or for the organisation’s in house legal team or case officers
  • bespoke reviews or audits of: procedures policies, exercise of regulatory functions, regulatory panel decisions, appraisal of panelists
  • preparation, or review of, procedural guidance documents for lay and professional panelists or external legal advisers

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