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Covid-19 International Workers Memorial Day

Martin Hanna

30 April 2020

International Workers’ Memorial Day is celebrated this week to remember those who have lost their lives at work or from work-related injury and diseases.

In the year of coronavirus, this day of commemoration has never been more important. Tens of thousands of workers worldwide have died and more continue to fall ill whilst working, risking their lives for others. This day of remembrance is particularly poignant given the bravery and commitment of our NHS and frontline staff during this current crisis.  While our key workers continue to face this extraordinary challenge from the frontline, the best tribute we can give them is to stay at home.

We also take this time to remember all workers who have lost their lives due to accidents and work conditions particularly asbestos victims of mesothelioma and asbestos related lung cancers. Anyone who has known a family member or friend who has suffered from an asbestos related disease knows all too well just how horrific these conditions can be. Our firm has prosecuted in these cases for generations and the plight of workers with these conditions and their families will always be close to our hearts.

International Workers’ Memorial Day 2020 has been a notably sombre affair. Everyone deserves to return home at the end of their working day and this commemoration reminds us of the importance to strive for healthier, safer and fairer work environments.

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