Francis Hanna & Company Coronavirus Contingency Planning

16 March 2020


In response to the current situation, we wish to update our clients about what contingency measures our firm is currently taking.  We are monitoring the situation on a daily basis and are following all Government guidance.  


First and foremost, our priority is the health and wellbeing of our staff and our clients while also ensuring that we continue to meet client requirements and deliver on our service promises.

We are now observing the following processes, among others:   

1.  We are advising our clients to attend our offices only when it essential to do so.  If meetings can be dealt with by telephone conference or by email communication, we consider that this is more appropriate in the current circumstances.   We will not be arranging routine update meetings with clients when such updates can be dealt with as above.

2.  We would ask any clients that are attending our office for confirmation that they have not been to or in contact with individuals from geographical risk areas. The up-to-date list of these areas is available on the NHS website.

3.  We are asking all staff and visitors to the office wash their hands in our bathrooms before entering our reception area.  The bathrooms are located immediately before our reception on the 3rd floor.  Appropriate signage will be displayed advising of this.

4.  We have introduced a "no handshake policy" as a prevention measure.

5.  We will not be engaging in any unnecessary business travel for the foreseeable future.

We are reviewing our contingency plans as further guidance and advice emerges.  We are adopting an appropriate and proportionate position in response. It is a situation that will continue to evolve but we are confident that our business contingency planning will enable us to continue to meet our clients' needs.

Kind regards,

Martin Hanna

Managing Partner