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Bereavement Benefit Inequalities More Striking Now Than Ever

One of the most encouraging aspects of the Governments response to the pandemic has been how quickly measures have been put in place and laws have been passed in order to support people when they need it.
05/05/2020social justice

Bereavement & Covid 19

The Covid 19 pandemic has wide reaching implications and it is therefore throwing up a myriad of issues in our society, some of them fundamental and going to the very core of our humanity.
22/04/2020social justice

Minister urged to take action on Bereavement Discrimination

The issue of bereavement benefits has been the subject of a parliamentary discussion at Stormont this week. 
11/03/2020social justice

Pressure mounts for law change 18 months from Supreme Court Judgement

An open letter to the Prime Minister has been signed by 18 organisations urging immediate law reform on the eligibility of cohabiting parents for bereavement benefits. 
09/03/2020social justice

Siobhan McLaughlins Supreme Court judgement to apply to new Bereavement Support Payment

The High Court in England has released a judgement today which reaffirms that to refuse bereavement benefits to children based on their parents' marital status is unlawful discrimination which is “manifestly unjustified”.
07/02/2020social justice

Parent takes DWP to court over Universal Credit childcare costs rule

It has been reported that a working lone parent in England is challenging the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) by way of Judicial Review on a Universal Credit policy which forces parents to make up front payments for childcare, before they can claim them back.
29/01/2020social justice

Francis Hanna Solicitor Laura Banks is Guest Speaker at Ulster University

Laura Banks was delighted to be invited to address Ulster University Law Students last week on Public Interest Litigation.
10/12/2019social justice

Suffering is heaped on bereaved children

Suffering is heaped on bereaved children, concludes Commons Report as Government inaction on Supreme Court Judgement “risable”.
04/11/2019social justice

Meet Laura Banks, NI's Erin Brockovich

A very familiar face spotted in the Belfast Telegraph! Laura Banks discusses all things Supreme Court, Widowed Parents Allowance and the story of Siobhan McLaughlin, who captured the hearts and minds of local people.
02/10/2019social justice

Calls for urgent legislation to prevent cliff edge for thousands of households across NI

A joint report on welfare from the Northern Ireland Home Affairs and Work and Pensions Committee has warned that tens of thousands of households in Northern Ireland could see their income drop by hundreds of pounds per month, unless urgent action is taken to extend the Social Security “mitigations package”.
17/09/2019social justice

Laura Banks delivers TedXStormont talk

Francis Hanna Solicitor Laura Banks was the first of 18 speakers to deliver a TED talk in Parliament Buildings, Stormont on 31st August. The theme of the event was “Imagine”. The speakers were invited to share their ideas and vision for a better society, in Northern Ireland and beyond.
05/09/2019social justice

Government has failed to act a year on from Siobhan McLaughlins Supreme Court victory

Last year, our client Siobhan McLaughlin successfully challenged the Government’s decision to refuse her children bereavement benefits on grounds of her marital status in a landmark Supreme Court case.
29/08/2019social justice

Francis Hanna Solicitor Laura Banks to deliver TED talk

Laura Banks, from Francis Hanna & Co solicitors has been invited to deliver a talk at TEDx Stormont talk on 31st August.
08/08/2019social justice

Siobhan McLaughlins case attracts further Parliamentary discussion

This week Siobhan McLaughlin’s case has received attention on 2 separate occasions.
12/04/2019social justice

Laura Banks shortlisted as finalist for Employee of the Year award at Belfast Business Awards 2019

Laura Banks has been shortlisted as a finalist for the Employee of the Year award at this year’s Belfast Business Awards.
04/04/2019social justice

Laura Banks is guest speaker at Widowed and Young Annual Conference

Francis Hanna Solicitor, Laura Banks, together with client, Siobhan McLaughlin, were invited to speak at Widowed and Young Annual Conference and AGM in Southampton on 9th March.
13/03/2019social justice

Siobhan McLaughlin case discussed at Westminster, Government again pressed for update

  Almost 6 months since our client Siobhan McLaughlin’s landmark judgement on entitlement to bereavement benefits for children of cohabiting parents, the case has for the second time been discussed at the House of Commons.
13/02/2019social justice

Universal Credit income assessments declared unlawful by GB High Court

  Last week, four working lone mothers won a test case brought before the High Court in England and Wales successfully challenging the way the Government assessed and paid their benefits.
24/01/2019social justice

Siobhan McLaughlin and her legal team in London for the official reading of the Judgment

The official reading of the Judgment in Siobhan McLaughlin’s case will take place at the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom on 3rd October 2018 at 9.45am. You can watch it online live on the Supreme Court website.
02/10/2018social justice

House of Commons call for law change following Supreme Court Win

A parliamentary discussion took place at The House of Commons to discuss the current law on bereavement benefits, just a week after our client Siobhan McLaughlin won her landmark legal challenge
24/09/2018social justice