professional negligence claim

Jennifer Young

06 May 2015

Our Jennifer Young was recently successful in establishing significant damages for her client in a professional negligence matter in which the defendant solicitor had failed to properly register title in a conveyance which resulted in her client’s charge over the property not being properly secured. 

In this situation her client was unable to take possession of the property when the home owner could no longer afford to maintain his mortgage payments and fell into arrears, as its security over the property had not been properly registered. Jennifer was however, successfully able to establish negligence on the part of the defendant solicitor which resulted in her being able to negotiate significant damages for her client in respect of its losses. 

If you feel that your solicitor may have acted negligently or in breach of contract in respect of work carried out for you, or if you would like any advice in relation to work carried out on your behalf by any recognised professional, please contact our Ms Young at