Claire Edgar is Guest Speaker at Womens Aid Annual Conference

One of our Partners, Claire Edgar will be attending as a guest speaker at the Belfast and Lisburn Women’s Aid Annual Conference today.  The Conference celebrates the organisation’s work over the last year and outlines their plans and ambitions for the year ahead.

An Overview of Surrogacy Law in NI

This week, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed the arrival of a baby girl via surrogate.  It is understood that the celebrity couple opted for the surrogacy route for their third child after Kim’s two high risk pregnancies with daughter North aged 4 years old and 1 year old son Saint. 

Domestic Abuse App 'HavenBelfast' launched by Belfast Area Domestic & Sexual Violence Partnership

The Belfast Area Domestic & Sexual Violence and Abuse Partnership, in conjunction with the PSCPS and Belfast Health & Social Care Trust, have launched an App providing information and assistance to victims experiencing domestic and sexual violence. 

Medical care - your rights and who decides

  Our Family Law Partner Claire Edgar is a featured columnist for NI4Kids.

Baby Charlie Gards parents lose Supreme Court appeal for US medical treatment

  The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal made by the parents of sick baby Charlie Gard, over plans to take him to the US for experimental medical treatment.

Other explanation for alleged Shaken Baby Syndrome highlighted in recent England case

  A recent case in England has highlighted the importance of fully and thoroughly investigating cases of suspected Shaken Baby Syndrome.

Wife refused divorce as unreasonable behaviour claimed is expected in a marriage

  The wife of a multimillionaire farmer has asked the Court of Appeal to overturn the decision made by a lower Court to refuse her a divorce after the Judge hearing her divorce ruled that her husband's behaviour was to be "expected in a marriage".

Parental Responsibility

Being a parent brings with it many joys and rewards, though most parents would agree that with these rewards comes a lifetime of responsibility. It is the job of both parents of a child to ensure that this responsibility is taken seriously and exercised in the best interests of their children.  

New Child Protection Disclosure Arrangements for NI

New arrangements were recently put in place in Northern Ireland to help make it easier for anyone who has concerns about someone who might be posing a risk to children to find out if that person has a criminal record for sexual offences or for violent offences which could indicate a risk to children.

School attendance and the Law

  Growing up, most of us didn’t particularly enjoy getting up early and going to school each day, and as parents we have probably experienced our fair share of early morning tears and tantrums from our own children on the same issue!   There is normally an almighty whoop in the air when the school summer holidays come about and our children are faced with a few months of school-free bliss.

Material Girl Madonna fights for custody of son in Court

Madonna and her former husband Guy Ritchie are in the midst of a transatlantic custody battle over the parties’ 15 year old son Rocco. Legal proceedings began when after Rocco left Madonna’s world tour in December and went to live with his father in London.

Belfast Domestic Violence Partnership

  This month Claire Edgar, our Partner who heads up our Family Law Department, was a speaker at the Belfast Domestic Violence Partnership conference.   The conference, which was held in Belfast Castle for a wide range of professional delegates, dealt with Legal Remedies in Domestic Violence.

dragons den star duncan bannatyne gave false evidence in divorce

  Former Dragon's Den star and entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne has failed in an attempt to prevent a newspaper from reporting allegations that he gave false evidence during his divorce in 2012.

guest blog - PSNI domestic abuse officer

  Sergeant Joanne Eakin is a Domestic Abuse Officer with the Belfast Public Protection Unit within the PSNI.  Here, Joanne provides a guest blog telling us about the role of a Domestic Abuse Officer and how the PSNI deal with incidents of domestic abuse.

pre-nuptial agreements

  Let’s face it – there is nothing romantic about prenuptial agreements. In fact, I doubt that there is anything that would kill romance faster than these two words being uttered by your significant other when talking about marriage, weddings and honeymoons!

protecting your child online

  The NSPCC are the leading children’s charity fighting to end child abuse in the UK and Channel Islands.  The primary aim of the NSPCC is to help children who have been abused rebuild their lives, protect those at risk, and find the best ways of preventing abuse from happening.    

the sharland & gohil appeals another bite at the cherry

  There was much press coverage over the Supreme Court’s decision in the Sharland & Gohil appeals last week to allow both Alison Sharland and Varsha Gohil to reopen their divorce settlements after they discovered that their husbands had not made full disclosure of their financial position at the time the Court decided the split of the matrimonial assets.

Same-Sex Marriage & Civil Partnerships

Following the historic outcome of the Republic of Ireland’s same-sex marriage referendum on the 22nd May, there have been calls throughout Northern Ireland for equality for same-sex partners on an equal level.

Child Abduction And The Law

The media today are reporting on the case of a mother, Rebecca Minnock who has gone into hiding with her 3 year old son Ethan after a Judge in an English Court ruled that Ethan should live with his father.

Matrimonial Agreement and Inheritance

The Court of Appeal in England and Wales has recently ruled in the case of Critchell v Critchell that a Matrimonial Agreement that had been entered into between a divorcing husband and wife was invalidated due to the husband subsequently receiving an inheritance.