financial claims following divorce

Karen Connolly

12 March 2015

The Supreme Court of England & Wales has recently determined that the Court could not strike out a wife’s claim for financial provision against her husband without full consideration of the issues, despite the fact that the parties in question had divorced 30 years previously.

Kathleen Wyatt was granted permission by the Court to lodge a financial claim against her ex-husband Dale Vince who since the marriage had ended had become a multi-millionaire.  The parties had been married for less than 3 years and had one son together who is now an adult.

This decision reaffirms the position in family law that there is no time limit to bringing a financial claim against a former spouse. It further highlights the importance for a divorcing spouse to ensure that all financial matters are finalised by way of full and final settlement at the time of divorce to avoid any future claims being made against them. 

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