Francis Hanna & Co successful in Historical Abuse claim against Church

  At Francis Hanna & Co, we have specialist solicitors dedicated to helping victims of child abuse pursue claims for compensation where the abuse has taken place in schools, care homes, the church or similar institutions.
16/02/2018personal injury

Claire Edgar is Guest Speaker at Womens Aid Annual Conference

One of our Partners, Claire Edgar will be attending as a guest speaker at the Belfast and Lisburn Women’s Aid Annual Conference today.  The Conference celebrates the organisation’s work over the last year and outlines their plans and ambitions for the year ahead.

An Overview of Surrogacy Law in NI

This week, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed the arrival of a baby girl via surrogate.  It is understood that the celebrity couple opted for the surrogacy route for their third child after Kim’s two high risk pregnancies with daughter North aged 4 years old and 1 year old son Saint. 

Times up for Sexual Harassment in the Work Place

  Last week’s Golden Globe Awards were dominated by the sexual harassment scandal that has engulfed Hollywood, with many actresses and actors choosing to wear black as a sign of solidarity with victims of sexual abuse and harassment. “Time’s Up” has become the slogan, and hashtag on social media, encapsulating the reaction to recent revelations about extensive sexual abuse and harassment in the entertainment industry.

Employee excluded from redundancy package wins age discrimination case

Where an employer directly or indirectly discriminates against an employee on the grounds of age, this will be unlawful unless the employer can objectively justify the discrimination.

Francis Hanna represent mother in landmark Supreme Court bereavement benefits case

A County Antrim mother of four has been given permission by the Supreme Court to appeal a decision made by the Court of Appeal in 2016 relating to her entitlement to bereavement benefits. 
22/12/2017social security law

Tribunal orders compensation to Ulster University staff after failure to consult over redundancies

The University and College Union has won a case against the University of Ulster over its failure to consult on redundancies, securing the maximum award for the 143 ex-staff members involved.

The Two Child Limit on Tax Credits in NI Open to Challenge

  Controversial changes to Child Tax Credits introduced in April 2017 are having an impact of some of our society’s most vulnerable. We have set out below a brief introduction to the new ‘2 child limit’ on Tax Credits and advice on how to challenge it. 
01/12/2017social security law

An Overview of the case of Siobhan McLaughlin v Department for Communities

A County Antrim mother of four has been given permission by the Supreme Court to appeal a decision made by the Court of Appeal in 2016 relating to her entitlement to bereavement benefits. Her case will be heard by the Supreme Court in April 2018, sitting in Belfast for the first time in history.
01/12/2017social security law

Landmark bereavement benefits case to be heard by the Supreme Court in historic sitting in Belfast

A County Antrim mother of four has been given permission by the Supreme Court to appeal a decision made by the Court of Appeal in 2016 relating to her entitlement to bereavement benefits. 
01/12/2017social security law

A brief outline of Judicial Review

  Our legal system in Northern Ireland plays a primary role in ensuring that individual rights are protected within our society.  As such, the decisions of our government, local authorities and other public bodies are all able to be challenged via our Court system if it can be shown that the decision made was unlawful.  The process of challenging such decision is known as Judicial Review.
29/11/2017social security law

Francis Hanna & Co joins The PILS Project

At Francis Hanna & Co Solicitors, we are delighted to be welcomed on board The PILS Project panel of solicitors.  
29/11/2017social security law

Domestic Abuse App 'HavenBelfast' launched by Belfast Area Domestic & Sexual Violence Partnership

The Belfast Area Domestic & Sexual Violence and Abuse Partnership, in conjunction with the PSCPS and Belfast Health & Social Care Trust, have launched an App providing information and assistance to victims experiencing domestic and sexual violence. 

Birth Defects

  The birth of a child is highly emotive for the entire family.  Sometimes injury occurs during childbirth to the child, the mother or both.  The effect of such an injury can be life changing and can have long term physical, emotional, and often financial implications.  Our partners and solicitors have extensive experience in these very sensitive cases ranging from negligence which occurred to either the mother or child during birth and also during aftercare.
10/10/2017medical negligence

Universal credit has arrived in Northern Ireland

  The introduction of Universal Credit on 27th September 2017 has brought about the beginning of a major change in how benefits are paid in Northern Ireland.
28/09/2017social security law

Medical care - your rights and who decides

  Our Family Law Partner Claire Edgar is a featured columnist for NI4Kids.

New alliance forged with Ascent Performance Group

  Francis Hanna and Co Solicitors today announced that it has forged a new partnership with Ascent Performance Group, the leading debt recovery law firm in the UK.  This relationship secures the Belfast City Centre firm’s position as a leading Debt Recovery litigation practice in Northern Ireland.
29/06/2017general news

Baby Charlie Gards parents lose Supreme Court appeal for US medical treatment

  The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal made by the parents of sick baby Charlie Gard, over plans to take him to the US for experimental medical treatment.

Blind woman wins landmark NI Court challenge over kerb height

  A recent ruling before NI’s High Court highlights how the legal actions of an individual can help both effect change and highlight the need for equality in our society. 
19/05/2017personal injury

A Guide to Management Companies

  If you have bought a property such as an apartment or a house within a new development, there are likely to be common areas for you and other home owners to enjoy.