Exam Results Next Step Tenancy Agreements

Ruth Flinn

13 August 2015

Received A-Level results or are the parent of someone who has? After a place in university has been accepted, the next step is often to secure private rented accommodation.

Once you have found your new home, you should make sure that the landlord provides you with the following:

1. A Tenancy Agreement.

2. A Rent Book which should contain your landlords contact details, not just the details of any lettings agency.

3. A Statement of Tenancy Terms.

4. An Inventory of items at the property including details of condition and damage, photographs can be very useful. You should always accompany your landlord to complete this.

5. Details of how your deposit is to be protected once it has been paid.

You should also check that your landlord is registered in the Land Registration Scheme, or that the property is correctly registered as a House of Multiple Occupancy if applicable.

If you require advice on a tenancy agreement please contact Ruth Flinn on 028 9024 3901.