settlement in deceased pleural plaques claim

Emma Wightman

13 April 2015

Francis Hanna & Co recently acted on behalf of a daughter of a man who at the time of his death was suffering from pleural plaques disease caused as a result of his previous exposure to asbestos.

Emma Wightman represented the deceased and later his daughter in relation to the claim.  During his lifetime the deceased had been employed by various companies including the Defendants (McLaughlin and Harvey).  During his two year period of employment in the 1960s with the Defendant as a labourer the deceased was required to remove asbestos from old boiler rooms and pipework.  In so doing asbestos dust and particles were released into the air and the deceased was exposed to it.  The deceased was not provided with any breathing apparatus or ventilation equipment.  He was not provided with any warnings by the Defendant as to the dangers of working with asbestos.  He was subsequently diagnosed with pleural plaques but unfortunately passed away before his case was resolved.  We then proceeded with his case on behalf of his next of kin and settled the claim for £10,000.

The outcome of this case shows that it is possible to claim for pleural plaques even after someone has passed away if you are the next of kin.  If you have recently been diagnosed with pleural plaques or are the next of kin of someone who had been diagnosed with pleural plaques and has recently passed away and require advice of any of the issues raised above please contact 028 9024 3901 or contact us online using the contact us form.