There may be many reasons why the terms of a person’s Will may be in dispute after a death. These include:-


  • Doubts as to the deceased’s mental capacity when the Will was made.
  • Concerns as to whether the deceased was under the undue influence of another party when the Will was made, and therefore the Will does not reflect the deceased’s true wishes.
  • Doubts as to whether a Will was effectively executed. To be valid, a Will must be executed in a particular manner, which most lay people do not appreciate.
  • Doubts arising as to the interpretation of the words contained within the Will.
  • Whether the deceased adequately provided for classes of individuals entitled to expect that the deceased should have provided for them. These classes of individuals are set out in the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) (NI) Order 1979.

Our Chancery litigators are experienced in Chancery proceedings taken to either challenge, or defend, in such circumstances.

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