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When a person suffers a personal injury as a result of an accident, however trivial, the effect on his or her daily life in the short and/or long term can be quite devastating

Road Traffic Accidents · Fatal Accident
Brain injury · Spinal injury · Industrial Deafness
Occupational Asthma · Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome · Victims of Abuse · Personal Injury Trusts

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New alliance forged with Ascent Performance Group


Francis Hanna and Co Solicitors today announced that it has forged a new partnership with Ascent Performance Group, the leading debt recovery law firm in the UK.  This relationship secures the Belfast City Centre firm’s position as a leading Debt Recovery litigation practice in Northern Ireland.


Baby Charlie Gards parents lose Supreme Court appeal for US medical treatment


The Supreme Court has dismissed an appeal made by the parents of sick baby Charlie Gard, over plans to take him to the US for experimental medical treatment.


Blind woman wins landmark NI Court challenge over kerb height


A recent ruling before NI’s High Court highlights how the legal actions of an individual can help both effect change and highlight the need for equality in our society. 

19/05/2017personal injury

A Guide to Management Companies


If you have bought a property such as an apartment or a house within a new development, there are likely to be common areas for you and other home owners to enjoy. 


Other explanation for alleged Shaken Baby Syndrome highlighted in recent England case


A recent case in England has highlighted the importance of fully and thoroughly investigating cases of suspected Shaken Baby Syndrome.


International Asbestos-Related Disease Claims


Francis Hanna & Co Solicitors is one of the leading NI law firms dealing with specialist asbestos-related disease claims.


Since the early 1960s, we have been acting on behalf of victims of asbestos-related diseases and have prosecuted claims on behalf of individuals who have been exposed to asbestos in the building and shipping industries, in the power stations and in a large number of factories and work premises throughout Northern Ireland.

04/05/2017asbestos claims

Loss of airline from Belfast to Isle of Man may leave TT fans out of pocket


The Real Road Racing season is almost upon us and which inevitably means the return of the popular Isle of Man TT races which take place every May/June on the island.


Wife refused divorce as unreasonable behaviour claimed is expected in a marriage


The wife of a multimillionaire farmer has asked the Court of Appeal to overturn the decision made by a lower Court to refuse her a divorce after the Judge hearing her divorce ruled that her husband's behaviour was to be "expected in a marriage".