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On behalf of my partners Linda Johnston and Claire Edgar, and all the staff of Francis Hanna & Company, I am deeply saddened to announce the sad passing of our esteemed partner and dear friend, Gerry Daly on the 30th December 2016.

Gerry commenced his employment with the firm at 17 years of age on 2nd October 1975. He started work as a junior clerk but quickly realised that he himself wanted to practice law. He set about obtaining further qualifications to prepare him for higher education and he obtained a certificate in Accident Compensation Law from Queen's University Belfast. He then commenced his apprenticeship in 1986 and qualified from the Institute of Professional Legal Studies. He was admitted to the Roll of Solicitors in 1990.

Gerry was an extremely industrious solicitor and became a partner in the practice at the earliest possible opportunity. He never left the firm and had over 41 years of loyal service and has been managing partner since 2000.

Gerry's specialist areas were in the fields of employment law, regulatory work, and litigation. He was an accomplished advocate preferring at all times to do his own advocacy rather than instructing Counsel. He took pride in his straight talking style and pragmatic approach to problem solving

He is survived by his beloved wife Rosie, his children, Danielle, Tony and Dominique, and his darling grandson, Cillian. Our deepest sympathy goes out to each of them at this terribly sad time.

Rest in peace.

Martin Hanna


When a person suffers a personal injury as a result of an accident, however trivial, the effect on his or her daily life in the short and/or long term can be quite devastating

Road Traffic Accidents · Fatal Accident
Brain injury · Spinal injury · Industrial Deafness
Occupational Asthma · Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome · Victims of Abuse · Personal Injury Trusts

APIL encourage motorists to back off this winter


Needless injuries and deaths on NI roads could be reduced this winter if motorists keep their bad habits in check, say campaigners.

12/01/2017personal injury

Gerry Daly



1958 - 2016


Asbestos The Fatal Fibre

Anyone who has known a family member or friend who has suffered from an asbestos related disease knows too well how horrific these conditions can be. 

20/10/2016asbestos claims

Increase for immigration appeal fees

From the 10th October 2016, it will cost £800 to lodge an appeal to the First Tier Tribunal against an immigration decision if an oral hearing is requested. Prior to today the fee was £140.00. That reflects an increase of over 500%.  



Homemade Wills - Are They Worth The Risk


In an age where everything seems to come with a price tag, most of us in one way or another will try and find cost-effective ways in which to handle our affairs in an effort to save some money.  A popular money-saving exercise that seems to have caught the attention of the thrifty amongst us is the option of writing your own Will.

02/09/2016wills & estates

Property Surveys To Invest or Not to Invest

Buying a new home can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking experience – exciting because it marks a new start in a new home, and nerve-wracking because buying a house is a big expense and commitment. 


Solicitors for the Elderly Accreditation for Linda Johnston


Earlier this year Linda was accredited with the Older Client Care in Practice (OCCP) Award via the Solicitors for the Elderly.

15/08/2016elder clients

Taking Control of Your Life, Even in Death


In June 2016, Belfast hosted the British Medical Association (BMA) Annual Conference.  One controversial topic debated was the BMA’s position on assisted suicide.  The issue centered on whether the BMA should adopt a stance of being “neutral” rather than “opposed” to assisting a person ending their own life.  

27/07/2016wills & estates