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If a member of your family has a learning disability planning for the future social and financial wellbeing of all concerned is particularly important. 


VW Emissions Compensation or no compensation

It is now widely known that the VW group has agreed to make compensatory payments to drivers in the USA whose cars have been fitted with the defeat device software designed to beat emissions tests, but what is the situation in the UK?


Belfast Business Awards

We are the only Northern Ireland law firm shortlisted for Customer Service Excellence in Professional Services in this year’s Belfast Business Awards.

18/05/2016family law

New Child Protection Disclosure Arrangements for NI

New arrangements were recently put in place in Northern Ireland to help make it easier for anyone who has concerns about someone who might be posing a risk to children to find out if that person has a criminal record for sexual offences or for violent offences which could indicate a risk to children.

10/05/2016family law

Higher Rate of Stamp Duty Land Tax now payable when Purchasing Additional Residential Properties

The government have introduced measures which will mean that higher rates of Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) may be payable if you purchase an additional residential property.


National Living Wage

From 1st April 2016, all workers aged 25 and over are now legally entitled to at least £7.20 per hour as the new “National Living Wage” came into effect with the implementation of The National Minimum Wage (Amendment) Regulations 2016.

20/04/2016employment law

A Good Day at Stormont - The Mental Capacity Bill


For most of my life, Stormont has symbolised political strife and dysfunction. However, on 15th March 2016, from the visitor’s gallery, I witnessed the Assembly at its best, passing ground- breaking legislation with constructive cross-party support.  What a refreshing change!

24/03/2016elder clients

School attendance and the Law


Growing up, most of us didn’t particularly enjoy getting up early and going to school each day, and as parents we have probably experienced our fair share of early morning tears and tantrums from our own children on the same issue!   There is normally an almighty whoop in the air when the school summer holidays come about and our children are faced with a few months of school-free bliss.

23/03/2016family law

How case of Mohamud v Morrison Supermarkets changed face of vicarious liability for employers


Vicarious liability is a legal term used in cases where a claimant wishes to make a claim against someone who has a responsibility for the acts of another. As Lord Toulson in his Judgement in the above case put it:

16/03/2016personal injury