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When a person suffers a personal injury as a result of an accident, however trivial, the effect on his or her daily life in the short and/or long term can be quite devastating.

Road Traffic Accidents · Fatal Accident · Brain injury · Spinal injury · Industrial Deafness · Occupational Asthma · Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome · Victims of Abuse · Personal Injury Trusts

I am incredibly impressed with the service you provide.  A massive thank you for your expertise and seemingly endless patience and for making a testing time a whole lot easier

Excellent and very knowledgeable legal support and advice and a very professional service.

Your composure, professionalism, focus and diligence in caring for my case is uplifting

This Sunday 7th October 2018 marks the UKs National Grandparents Day

  The bond between a grandparent and their grandchild is often regarded as one of the most precious relationships in life. Grandparents are free of the stresses of parenting and can simply enjoy a fun and loving relationship with their grandchild. 

Siobhan McLaughlin and her legal team in London for the official reading of the Judgment

The official reading of the Judgment in Siobhan McLaughlin’s case will take place at the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom on 3rd October 2018 at 9.45am. You can watch it online live on the Supreme Court website.
02/10/2018social justice

House of Commons call for law change following Supreme Court Win

A parliamentary discussion took place at The House of Commons to discuss the current law on bereavement benefits, just a week after our client Siobhan McLaughlin won her landmark legal challenge
24/09/2018social justice

Laura Banks speaks to media about Supreme Court victory

  Our solicitor Laura Banks has spoken to the media about landmark Supreme Court judgement in Siobhan McLaughlin’s challenge to eligibility for widowed parent’s allowance. The decision held that refusing benefits to unmarried parents represents unjustifiable discrimination against children and is incompatible with Human Rights law. It is expected to benefit thousands of children throughout the UK.
21/09/2018social justice

Francis Hanna Solicitor Laura Banks is The Times Lawyer of the Week

  Laura Banks, a solicitor at Francis Hanna & Co, Belfast has been featured in today’s law pages of The Times as lawyer of the week.
07/09/2018social justice

Siobhan McLaughlin - Statement from Martin Hanna

  Today is another historic day in the long history of Francis Hanna & Company Solicitors. Earlier today, the Supreme Court handed down its judgment in the matter of an application by Siobhan McLaughlin for Judicial Review [2018] UKSC 48 which confirmed that our client, Siobhan McLaughlin has won her legal challenge on the entitlement of unmarried couples to Widowed Parent’s Allowance.
30/08/2018social justice

Landmark Supreme Court Decision - Statements

  Statements from Siobhan McLaughlin and her legal team following the Judgment handed down today by the Supreme Court.
30/08/2018social justice

Landmark Supreme Court decision - A victory for thousands of bereaved children UK-wide

Siobhan McLaughlin has won her legal challenge in the UK Supreme Court on the entitlement of unmarried couples to Widowed Parent’s Allowance.   The Supreme Court released judgment in this matter today, Thursday 30th August 2018.
30/08/2018social justice