It is a reality that we are often worth more on death than we what wealth we have access to during our lives.  It is therefore important to ensure that you take some time to make adequate provision for the disposal of your assets upon your death. 

At Francis Hanna & Co, we provide specialist advice and assistance in the following areas:-

  •          Preparation of Wills

  •          Estate planning

  •          Administration of Estates & Trusts

  •          Enduring Power of Attorney

  •          Living Wills (known as Advance Directives)

  •          Inheritance Provision Claims

  •          Disputed Wills

  •          Controllership applications

Linda Johnston, Karen Connolly and Ruth Flinn can advise you on any of these areas.   For further information or for a free, no obligation discussion please contact 028 9024 3901 or contact us online using the contact us form.