VW group willing to engage in discussions regarding compensation

Jennifer Young

17 November 2015


Francis Hanna and Company is pursuing compensation for owners of affected vehicles in the wake of the VW scandal.  Lawyers for the VW Group in the UK have now confirmed that once the technical solution to fix the affected vehicles has been developed, and information regarding any impact of the solution has been ascertained, they will engage with us in relation to potential compensation for affected owners.

Having written to the VW Group on 22nd October 2015 seeking answers to a number of questions, Francis Hanna & Co has recently received a response from the lawyers on record for the VW Group in the UK who have advised that:

‘The Volkswagen Group is working hard to develop technical solutions for the affected diesel vehicles to correct any issues with the nitrogen oxides (Nox) emissions characteristics, in relation to the testing of the vehicles and all affected customers will be contacted with further information on the timing and details of the technical solutions, as soon as that information is available.’

They have gone on to state that:

‘An external investigation has been commissioned to seek information on how and why the relevant software came to be fitted to the affected vehicles’

In light of this they have advised that they would not be able to discuss the issue of compensation until such times as the technical solution has been implemented, but they have confirmed that once this has happened, the VW Group would be willing to engage with us in relation to potential compensation for affected owners.

The VW Group through its lawyers also confirmed that all expense incurred in implementing the technical fix to the affected vehicles will be covered by them and as such they do not anticipate that any out of pocket expenses for owners will occur.

With regards to the worry that many owners continue to have in relation to the depreciation in the value of their vehicles, the VW Group has confirmed that they are continuing to monitor the re-sales of affected vehicles.

This confirmation that the VW Group is willing engage in discussions about compensation for affected owners in due course is a positive step, and Francis Hanna & Company will continue to press the Volkswagen Group to ensure that affected owners are kept up to date as the matter progresses.

If you are an affected owner and would like some further information about this matter please contact us for further advice or alternatively you can register your details on our webpage at by clicking here.